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Black Lives Matter: NAPD’s Commitment to Transformational Change

NAPD commits itself to reflect anti-racist principles, policies, and practices and lead through a racial and ethnic justice lens. We strive to be an explicitly anti-racist organization, as we build a bold vision for our organization and for the role […]

Letter to President Biden on Judicial Nominations

“As you consider filling a judicial vacancy in the Western District of North Carolina, we encourage you to (1) continue to build racial and gender diversity on the federal bench; and (2) continue to nominate former public defenders.”

Statement in Response to the Shooting of Jacob Blake

“The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) is outraged by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and reiterates its support for both the Black Lives Matter movement and comprehensive police and criminal justice reform.”

Statement on Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice

“The deaths of two black men and a black child in Ferguson, New York City and Cleveland – and the lack of accountability for the white officers who killed them – have stirred our national conscience. We must now turn […]

Statement on Police Violence against BIPOC People

“If we are serious about addressing police violence, then the only answer is to radically reduce contactbetween the police and BIPOC people, create new systems for addressing socialissues, and invest in impacted communities.”

Statement on Violence against Asian Americans

“NAPD extends its condolences to the victims in Atlanta, their families, and the Asian community. We acknowledge the unique experiences of Asian Americans in our legal system and are committed to combating anti-Asian bias in our communities, in our work, […]