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Dorsey Nunn: From Banning the Box to Restoring the Right to Vote, One Man’s Struggle for the Rights of the Current and Formerly Incarcerated

Today, Hunter is joined by the powerful Dorsey Nunn. At 19, Dorsey was given a life sentence. Over the next 11 years, Dorsey would be exposed to violence, abuse, and the political education that would awaken in him a lifelong […]

NAPD Changemakers Forum Tackles Public Defense Challenges

The NAPD’s Changemakers Forum sparked innovation and collaboration in Salt Lake City, Utah. This creative event brought together a diverse group of public defense leaders for a dynamic exchange of ideas focused on tackling the most pressing challenges in the […]

Where is the Ethical Limit for Zealous Criminal Defense Advocacy? w/Martín Sabelli

Today, Hunter is once again joined by former NACDL President, Martin Sabelli. This time, Hunter and Martin are discussing a memo he put out while President about the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial. In that trial, Martin felt that the defense […]

Why is this Vitally Important Forensic Science so Rarely Used by Defense Attorneys and the Legal System? w/Dr. Shameka Stewart

Today, Hunter sat down with Dr. Shameka Stewart, a juvenile forensic speech language pathologist. While speech language pathologists have long been around, Dr. Stewart is the first person to take the field and apply it to juvenile forensics. The promise […]