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Letter to the Biden Administration on Access-to-Justice Initiatives

“On May 18, 2021, President Biden signed a Memorandum reestablishing the White House Interagency Roundtable (LAIR) and requiring the Attorney General to submit a plan within 120 days to expand access-to-justice initiatives at the Department of Justice (DOJ). The public […]

Statement on Violence against Asian Americans

“NAPD extends its condolences to the victims in Atlanta, their families, and the Asian community. We acknowledge the unique experiences of Asian Americans in our legal system and are committed to combating anti-Asian bias in our communities, in our work, […]

Letter to the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

Letter relating to the termination of a chief public defender. “We write to express concerns and offer support concerning the recent termination of the Chief Public Defender in Chippewa County.”

Policy on Active Supervision of the Representation of Clients

All public defense systems – full-time, assigned counsel, contract – must actively supervise performance to ensure clients are properly represented. Effective supervision provides the safety net for clients and systems. This policy sets a standard of supervision that expands on […]

Policy Statement on Proper Professional Space, Equipment, Confidential Communications with Clients, Supporting Services for Public Defense

“Meaningful representation of public defense clients requires proper professional space, adequate supporting equipment, ability to conduct confidential communications, and adequate services. These factors directly affect the number of clients an attorney can ethically and competently represent and the effectiveness of […]

Statement in Response to the Shooting of Jacob Blake

“The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) is outraged by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and reiterates its support for both the Black Lives Matter movement and comprehensive police and criminal justice reform.”

Statement on Virtual Court Technology

New technology should be used only when it either enhances access to justice or avoids a shutdown of access that clearly would be worse than the temporary limitations posed by the technology, or where a client exercises their right to […]

Policy Statement on Public Defense Staffing

Meaningful representation requires proper staff assistance. Public defense clients are constitutionally entitled to an adequate opportunity to present their claims fairly within the adversary system. To receive this representation, clients must be provided attorneys who have the basic tools of […]

Open Letter: Public Defenders are Justice System First Responders

Tens of thousands of public defenders and other public defense professionals daily deliver the promise of rights enumerated in the Constitution, a function that has grown all the more critical in these dark times. As courts have closed their doors, […]

Letter to Montgomery County, PA, Board of Commissioners

Letter relating to the termination of a chief and deputy public defender.