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The Dangerous Expansion of Facial Recognition Technology w/Clare Garvie

Continuing our Fourth Amendment mini-series, Hunter is joined today by Clare Garvie, the facial recognition technology guru at the Fourth Amendment Center. As she lays out in her excellent report on facial recognition technology, its use is widespread, and that […]

The Digital General Warrants Encroaching on Your Right to Privacy w/Mike Price

At the founding of the country, the Fourth Amendment was designed to protect against general warrants. In the colonial period, the Crown would secure warrants to search anything and everything in one’s possession in often meritless attempts to harass and […]

The Rise of Big Data Policing and the Dangers of the Digital Age of Surveillance w/Andrew Ferguson

In our last instalment of our mini series on the Fourth Amendment, Hunter spoke with Andrew Ferguson, Professor of Law at American University Washington College of Law. On this episode, we will explore the rise of Big Data Policing, also […]

Why The Fourth Amendment Needs to Enter the Digital Age w/Jumana Musa

Today, we kick of two straight weeks of coverage on the future of the Fourth Amendment. We start our mini-series by speaking to the Director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Fourth Amendment Center Jumana Musa. Today’s episode […]