“The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) was retained by Harris County to 1) evaluate its current misdemeanor indigent defense systems in Harris County, and 2) determine the need for essential support staff and holistic services to promote zealous and effective indigent defense.”


  1. Continue to provide representation at magistration for all clients
  2. Ensure well-trained, competent, independent, client-centered representation
  3. Ensure timely access to counsel, timely representation and continuity of counsel
  4. Ensure reasonable workloads
  5. Promote and encourage an interdisciplinary representation model that includes social
    workers, investigators and adequate support staff
  6. Provide effective data-driven management and accountability
  7. Strategically collect and analyze data
  8. Create a unified public defense delivery system in Harris County
  9. TIDC should adopt comprehensive statewide policies and standards for providing legal
    representation and other defense services
  10. Create and sustain an appropriate culture for the MAC