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Press Release: ‘Milestone’ Study Released on National Public Defense Workload Crisis

“Until now, public defenders have relied on standards from 50 years ago to ask for the relief we desperately need. Times have drastically changed, and this new study provides proof of just how serious this Constitutional crisis has become for […]

Open Letter on Transgender Day of Visibility

As we celebrate the Transgender Day of Visibility, we stand in solidarity with transgender, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people everywhere. We are mindful that these antitransgender initiatives harm our trans colleagues, friends, family members and our clients. Our goal is […]

Statement on the 60th Anniversary of Gideon vs. Wainwright

“We’re reimagining who we are, not settling even for what Gideon envisioned. We’re listening to clients tell us what they need. We’re rooting out our own racial bias and elevating more diverse leaders. And we’re using today’s tools to take […]

Statement on Right to Counsel in Guam

We write today not simply to lend our support for our colleagues in Guam, but to express outrage that a fellow member of the Bar would resort to fear mongering and hyperbole. Attorney General Moylan’s letter undermines public and political […]

Letter to President Biden on Eyvin Hernandez

We write to you with an urgent request to secure the release of Eyvin Hernandez, who has been wrongfully detained in Venezuela for over eight months. Eyvin has served his Los Angeles community for over 15 years as a career […]

Letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon

Letter relating to the removal of indigent defense commission members “The success of Oregon public defense will rise and fall with independence of the defense function. We encourage you to do all in your power to help ensure that independence, […]

Letter to President Biden on Judicial Nominations

“As you consider filling a judicial vacancy in the Western District of North Carolina, we encourage you to (1) continue to build racial and gender diversity on the federal bench; and (2) continue to nominate former public defenders.”

Letter to the Biden Administration on Access-to-Justice Initiatives

“On May 18, 2021, President Biden signed a Memorandum reestablishing the White House Interagency Roundtable (LAIR) and requiring the Attorney General to submit a plan within 120 days to expand access-to-justice initiatives at the Department of Justice (DOJ). The public […]

Press Release: Lori James-Townes to Lead NAPD

“The best thing about Lori is her track record of helping other people achieve their best. As a member-led association that is driven by the engagement of passionate and diverse professionals – diverse across systems, office cultures, generations and professions […]

Statement on Police Violence against BIPOC People

“If we are serious about addressing police violence, then the only answer is to radically reduce contactbetween the police and BIPOC people, create new systems for addressing socialissues, and invest in impacted communities.”