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175: How Iowa Makes People Pay for Their Public Defenders w/Darren Page

Today, Hunter spoke with Iowa Public Defender, Darren Page, to peel back the layers of Public Defense in Iowa to try and understand why the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court said the system was in a state of […]

Even if You’re Found Not Guilty, Iowa Makes You Pay for the Full Cost of Your Public Defender w/Alex Kornya

“If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you at no cost.” Ask the average American, and they will tell you that Public Defenders are free…. Unless of course you live in most states where they charge […]

Why Are People Being Found Not Guilty but Still Going to Prison? w/Andrea Jaeger

Imagine for a moment, you have been accused of several crimes. At trial, you are found not guilty on all the charges except for one. Let’s say that this is least serious of all your charges. While you wish you […]