Pima County Public Defense Services represents indigent individuals upon appointment by the Court in felony cases, misdemeanor cases, juvenile delinquency matters, dependency and severance proceedings, Title 36 proceedings, guardianship cases and appeals in Pima County.  Attorneys provide direct client representation and handle diverse caseloads of various offenses, allegations, and degrees of seriousness.  Attorneys work collaboratively and holistically with paralegals and/or secretaries, social workers and investigators to understand the circumstances and priorities of each client and advocate for their desired outcomes through strategic and personalized litigation, negotiation, and mitigation. 

Attorney II level attorneys regularly prepare, defend, and resolve the most complex legal work involving serious and consequential matters or voluminous caseloads requiring specialized experience and training, demanding a higher degree of resourcefulness, skill and knowledge than that assigned to lower-level attorneys.  Work is performed with considerable latitude, independent judgment, and professional discretion.  Extensive officewide support and professional development opportunities are provided and encouraged in order to facilitate delivery of sustained, high-quality legal representation and advocacy, and Attorney II’s are encouraged to engage in and are incorporated into the teaching and provision of these efforts at a team and officewide level.

This posting for Pima County Public Defense Services (PDS) is to establish a register for current and future Attorney I vacancies which serve all PDS divisional offices (Public Defender, Legal Defender, Legal Advocate, Office of Children’s Counsel, Mental Health Defender, Public Fiduciary). Visit www.pima.gov/pds for more information about Pima County Public Defense Services.

Job Contact
Michelle Granillo
5207246901 RecruitingPDS@pima.gov