This position will play a vital role in the intake and case selection process, including obtaining and organizing core case documents and overseeing key aspects of our data collection and case management system. This role will also assist the Program Director in collecting and analyzing in-house and grant partner data for inclusion in semi-annual federal grant reports. This position will provide significant exposure to clients, jails and correctional facilities and staff, courts, and other public safety agencies.


Client Contact and Communications with Other Persons:

  • Paralegal will enjoy daily in-person and telephone contact with clients, representatives of opposing parties, court officials, witnesses, and experts regarding case development, coordination, and closure activities.
  • Review case files for sufficiency of documentation and obtain discovery and additional materials.
  • Prepare for litigation by establishing time and location of interviews, preparing subpoenas, collecting, and organizing relevant documents, outlining interview questions, summarizing proceedings, identifying key legal issues, and preparing and organizing exhibits.
  • Work with clients and representatives of the opposing party regarding pertinent case records and case status to gather necessary documents during the legal discovery process for submission at hearing for complex cases; develops, organizes, and manages computerized litigation support database.
  • Assist in preparation of trial by reviewing, organizing, indexing documents, and managing document flow. Maintain and update casebooks and casefile logs.
  • Attend attorney, client or third party and other case-related meetings and write memoranda recording discussions.
  • Prepare legal correspondence for own signature or signature of attorney.
  • Prepare status reports and calendars; monitor for litigation process deadlines to ensure timely action (i.e., document filings with the court) by attorneys. Locate, interview, ensure availability, and prepare witnesses (including expert) for litigation purposes.

Legal Research and Writing:

  • Assist the attorney in the preparation of legal arguments for attorney use in pretrial motions and the filing of legal briefs and responses to criminal cases.
  • Research statutory legislative history, administrative rule, and case law by analyzing issues, summarizing cases, and drafting legal documents or memoranda based on the research.
  • Assist with discovery motions and public records requests by researching issues, indexing motions and orders, responding to inquiries, reviewing of client records for confidentiality and revising case files.
  • If applicable, review legislative bill drafts, committee minutes and exhibits, tape recordings of committee hearings and floor debates, federal house and senate committee reports and hearing records, state laws and journals, the federal congressional record and other relevant documentation. Analyze and summarizes results and conclusions at attorney request.
  • Examine the records of opposing parties to identify and acquire those that support the client’s case. Write document requests and designate relevant documents. Locate, review, and organize the government’s discovery documents; and provide for production and delivery of documents to the opposing parties.
  • Review, analyze, and draft subpoenas, pretrial orders, stipulations, findings of fact, opinions, petitions, responses to subpoenas, responses to motions, and other legal documents. Read and summarize arguments in opponents’ pleadings, memoranda, and briefs; summarize, digest, and tag or code transcripts from trials and other proceedings; assist with formal and informal opinions by researching issues and drafting opinio

Compensation range:


Minimum Qualifications:

Two years associate degree in paralegal or legal assistant studies.

OR; Eighteen months of Paralegal experience.

OR; Any combination of training and experience that demonstrates experience in legal work, independent judgment, legal terminology principles, concepts, systems, and processes. Experience must include discovery and trial methods and procedures, legal ethics, and skill in preparing legal documents, interviewing witnesses and explaining legal issues.

Applicants must submit:

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter-

  • Three references (with email addresses).


Veterans Preference: Eligible veterans who meet the qualifications will be given veterans' preference. If you checked that you are a veteran, be sure to submit your documentation prior to the close date of this posting. For more information, please go to the State website:

The Office of Public Defense Services is an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer and is strongly committed to enhancing the diversity of its workforce.  Assistance will be provided in the recruitment, application, and selection process to applicants with disabilities who request such assistance.  Please call (503) 991-2274 as early as possible regarding any assistance you may require

**This is an open continuous recruitment*

Job Contact
Chantelle Avila