The Non-Capital Appellate Attorney (Attorney IV)  is an attorney with a high degree of experience and knowledge in appellate defense in California. The Attorney IV supports the development of attorneys at the Office of the State Public Defender (OSPD) working on meeting the qualifications to be lead counsel in death penalty cases. The Non-Cap Appellate Attorney is expected to work with individual attorneys at OSPD, become knowledgeable about the facts, records, and law in their cases, and provide training and feedback to attorneys on writing and legal issue development in their cases.  Additionally, as part of their responsibilities, the Non-Cap Appellate Attorney will recognize global training needs for OSPD attorneys and work with the Director of Non-Capital Appellate and the Training Director to meet those needs, as well as be a resource for attorneys and other legal staff in the office by taking the initiative and working to improve OSPD’s ability to represent its clients by leading institutional change or providing support and mentorship for legal staff.

Job Contact
Twanna Moore