Overview of the role
Reporting to the President and Attorney in charge, the Managing Attorney centralizes all administrative management responsibilities. The Director of Client Services, Office Manager, and Paralegal staff direct reports to the Managing Attorney. The Managing Attorney coordinates intra-office practice (intake, case flow, case assignments), and serves as OAD’s liaison to the courts, offices and agencies that impact case management. The Managing Attorney also oversees all non-legal staff functions. The Managing Attorney may supervise a small caseload and/or engage in parole and clemency advocacy.

What You Will Do


Provide oversight for the non-legal support staff, including but not limited to working with the office manager to develop practices and protocols surrounding reception, facilities management, office supplies, and information technology;

Collaborate on office-wide policies and best practices, in light of the needs of the clients and the impact of racial and class disparities in the criminal legal system;

Oversee the work of the client services team– conditions, reentry, parole – in collaboration with Director of Client Services;

Provide training, supervision, and feedback to paralegal staff, including intake and record collection, and other substantive case support;

Supervise AmeriCorps NLADA VISTA program and fellow(s);

Assist in the recruitment and selection of staff.

Leadership and intra-office practice

Gather data and prepare required reports for funders;

Develop and maintain case filing practices and protocols;

Field questions from staff and troubleshoot with specific case filing problems and inquiries;

Direct support staff on hard copy filings where appropriate and necessary, such as for New York Court of Appeals cases;

Oversee case and record intake processes;

Develop and maintain case closure practices and protocols, including digitization of physical files, followed by archival, storage, and/or disposal of such files;

Facilitate updates to OAD’s electronic resource portal and client management system.

External Relationships and Advocacy

Liaise with other institutional appellate providers to develop coordinated strategies for the work we do in New York City and New York State;

Liaise with clerks in the trial and appellate courts, for general purposes and to initiate specific case inquiries;

Liaise with contemporaries in local District Attorneys’ offices and ensure consistent compliance with agreed-upon protocols.

Who You Are Experienced. You are a member, in good standing, of a bar in any jurisdiction and possess or can obtain NY licensure within a reasonable time. You have litigation, appellate criminal practice, and/or nonprofit management experience. You have a demonstrated history of supervisory experience, with an interest in and commitment to the professional development of all staff members. Leader. You have the demonstrated ability to lead teams and manage others of varying experience levels. You possess a people-centric and culture-forward approach to managing relationships in the workplace. You do not fear change and are solution-oriented when differences arise. You challenge others to seek innovative and creative approaches to advocacy; and encourage ongoing development by providing effective performance feedback and evaluation. Culturally Aware and Sensitive. You understand what it means to work with and for individuals whose backgrounds and lived experiences are different from your own with sensitivity and humility. You are willing to learn more about the impacted and marginalized identities of people served by the organization and bring your awareness to all the work you do. Clear Communicator. You can communicate clearly and concisely. You provide useful feedback to the people working with you. You adopt an organizational voice to ensure written or oral communications are consistent with the inclusive culture we strive to maintain and build upon. Collaborative. You work effectively across roles to create a holistic environment to best address client needs. Passionate. You care deeply about people served by OAD and are enthusiastic about challenging the inequities of the criminal justice system. Agile. You have strong organizational and management skills and have demonstrated success working with competing priorities. You maintain composure and positivity in stressful situations. You are willing to take on new projects as the needs of the office or practice change.
Job Contact
David Bernstein
212-402-4141 dbernstein@oadnyc.org