Recruiting for 2 positions

The Capital Defender’s Office seeks experienced applicants to work on fact and mitigation investigation in potential capital cases at the trial level.  The work derives from NCGS §7A-468 which entitles a public defender’s office to the services of an investigator and the need to ensure that indigent defendant’s rights are protected.

The primary function of the Capital Case Investigator is to assist counsel in the case preparation of indigent defendants charged with state crimes for which the maximum authorized punishment is the death penalty.  Successful applicants will be those who adhere to professional standards through a(n):

Commitment to upholding and promoting mitigation and case investigation best practices, as outlined in the ABA guidelines.
Understanding and complying with rules dictated by case posture, jurisdiction, and other factors.
Understanding of and communicating in accordance with applicable North Carolina State Bar rules related to protected information, confidentiality, and the unauthorized practice of law.
One position will be located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the other position will be located in Durham, North Carolina.


Knowledge of:  elements of criminal law, local court system and capital trial and sentencing work; evidence collection; fact and mitigation investigation; identification techniques and procedures; information resources and the ability to extract information from those resources; planning an organized approach to the investigation of complex cases; and independently developing leads.
Skills in:  computer and word processing to type reports, motions, orders, subpoenas, and other legal documents; spelling and grammar; and communicating orally and in writing.
Ability to:  collecting records from governmental and other agencies; interviewing witnesses; developing defense themes of innocence and mitigation; schedule work to achieve results on time; prepare clients, their families, and witnesses for court; digest background records; work irregular hours in conducting investigations; inspire the confidence of the community in the capital defender's office; travel to pursue investigation leads and attend trials; and make pertinent observations and to analyze those observations against the charges in a given case.  

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements
Graduation from a four-year college or university, preferably in the field of law; criminal justice, psychology, social work, or sociology, with one year of experience in legal, judiciary, law enforcement, fact or mitigation investigative work.  An Associate degree with three (3) years of experience in the above-listed fields may substitute for the four-year degree requirement.  Other combinations of education and experience that provide the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities will be considered.
Applicants with experience in capital defense work strongly preferred.  An investigator license (NC Justice Academy Criminal Investigative Certificate or private protective services license) or mitigation roster membership helpful but not required. 

 A valid North Carolina Driver's License is required.