Kalamazoo Defender is an independent non-profit organization that provides legal representation to the adult indigent population charged with a crime within Kalamazoo County. We take a holistic approach, employing compassionate professionals who work with our clients to identify and address additional needs beyond their legal case. In collaboration with our robust network of area service providers, we aim to connect our clients to relevant support services.
Our mission is rooted in the conviction that poverty and various forms of discrimination put our clients on inequitable footing within and beyond our criminal justice system. Our job is to be their zealous defender in the face of these systemic barriers, fighting for them in court but also organizing care for them in our community.

The Mitigation Specialist supports Kalamazoo Defender’s holistic defense model by working with both attorney and non-attorney staff to analyze, develop, and present mitigation evidence on behalf of clients. The ideal candidate for this role will be a LMSW who is self-motivated and open-minded, aware of issues faced by the justice-involved population, and willing to seek out information, critically analyze, and succinctly share findings.
Responsibilities include gathering and summarizing social history records by conducting interviews, building and maintaining relationships with relevant parties, and identifying and consulting with subject matter experts. The Mitigation Specialist will compile and analyze this data from multiple clients in order to identify themes and to develop strategies for sentence mitigation. In addition, to preparing mitigation reports, the Mitigation Specialist will be need to be prepared to testify in court proceedings. Furthermore, the Mitigation Specialist will be responsible for providing licensure supervision to license-seeking members of the team.
The Mitigation Specialist plays an integral role in providing holistic defense services through collaborative and compassionate communication between our clients and their defense team.

• Develop and maintain relationships with clients, family members, and service providers;
• Assist in investigating, analyzing, developing, summarizing, and presenting mitigation evidence in the life history of clients;
• Conduct interviews with family, friends, community members, and other individuals to compile mitigating evidence;
• Identify and consult with appropriate experts to obtain reports and prepare for hearing;
• Obtain, analyze, and summarize client medical, mental health, social, and school records;
• Prepare reports, including client and witness interview memos, social history reports, visual aids,
and sentencing memoranda;
• Support data collection and analysis;
• Conduct research;
• Provide licensure supervision to license seeking members of team;
• Provide court testimony
• Other duties as assigned.

How to Apply:
Please send your resume, a cover letter, and writing sample to Jobs@KalamazooDefender.org or the following address:
Kalamazoo Defender Attn: Human Resources
151 South Rose Street, Suite 300
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

• Strong commitment to Kalamazoo Defender's mission and values; • Working knowledge of the criminal justice system, mental health, and other social services; • Skill in working with a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds; • Demonstrated commitment to working in an anti-racist workplace; • Demonstrated professionalism, compassion, integrity, and respect for collaboration; • Experience working and advocating for those in poverty; • Familiarity with the local population served by Kalamazoo Defender, and the local agencies that intersect with that population is strongly desired; • Outstanding organization and detail orientation; • Ability to locate, obtain, review, analyze, and summarize relevant records; • Ability to maintain complete and accurate files; • Excellent interviewing, verbal and written communication skills; writing and presentation skills; ability to produce clear, concise, and effective materials in multiple formats and for multiple audiences; • Ability to prioritize projects and work both independently and cooperatively; • Experience conducting research and effective application of research; • Demonstrated skills in documentation, scheduling, communications, general office procedure, • familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite, maintaining confidentiality; • Licensed master’s degree in social work and two years of specialized experience in social science, research, or mitigation is required; • Ability and willingness to travel to the courthouse or other criminal justice system facilities to see clients.
Job Contact
Brittany Chambers
269-250-5000 jobs@kalamazoodefender.org