The Capital Resource Counsel Project1 seeks to hire an experienced Mitigation Specialist to serve as the
Federal Capital Trial Mitigation Coordinator.

The Federal Capital Trial Mitigation Coordinator will be employed and administratively hosted by the
Office of the Federal Public Defender for the Middle District of Tennessee, which is the host office for the
Capital Resource Counsel Project. The physical office location of the selected applicant will be determined
based on the mutual needs of the candidate, CRCP, and those of potential host FDOs.
The Federal Capital Trial Mitigation Coordinator responsibilities will include both case work and
consulting and training. The Mitigation Coordinator may be asked to (1) lead the mitigation investigation
in federal capital-eligible cases, (2) assist federal defender staff, CJA counsel, and members of the Federal
Capital Trial Projects in helping teams identify and retain appropriate, culturally competent mitigation
specialists for new cases, (3) train, mentor, and provide support to mitigation specialists in federal capital
trial level cases, (4) provide task-specific support to federal capital trial teams on a wide variety of
mitigation issues, (5) work to increase the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity of the federal capital
mitigation specialist community, and (6) take a leadership role in addressing issues affecting mitigation
specialists in the federal capital community.

The selected applicant must have extensive experience assisting attorneys in the investigation,
development, and presentation of mitigation evidence at trial in capital cases in federal court. Extensive
travel will be required.