The Office of the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel–South (CCRC-South) is a Florida State agency which represents indigent Florida death row inmates in postconviction proceedings challenging the legality of their convictions and sentences in state and in federal courts. CCRC-South is based in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and is primarily tasked with cases originating in South Florida. CCRC-South may also be appointed to cases originating in other regions of the State when circumstances require. Each CCRC-South case is staffed by a team which includes a lead attorney with experience in capital litigation, a second-chair attorney, and a qualified legal investigator. CCRC-South Investigators are responsible for conducting detailed investigations into both guilt/innocence and penalty phase/mitigation. Investigations may involve substantial travel within the State of Florida, the United States and, in some circumstances, internationally. As an integral member of the defense team, the investigator is guided and supervised by the attorneys assigned to each case through investigator’s reports, personal conferences, and team meetings, to achieve the desired results. Duties of the investigator include, but are not limited to: review of the trial and appellate records to gain comprehensive knowledge of each case and client; collecting, indexing, maintaining and reviewing public records regarding all aspects of the case; interviewing clients, their families, and associates, and working with expert witnesses to obtain a comprehensive social history; locating and interviewing witnesses, taking witness statements, developing evidentiary leads; producing written reports and memoranda; court testimony; service of process, witness coordination, and related duties, as may be required

  • Graduate from an accredited four-year college or university;
  • A background in criminal justice, psychology, and/or social work; a commitment to indigent criminal defense.
  • Preferred, but not required:
    • Two years of experience as an investigator and/or mitigation specialist . An equivalent combination of training and experience in a related field will be considered.
    • Fluency in Spanish, or other language skills.