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May 7 (noon start) – May 10 (1 pm end time), 2024 

Applications have closed – We will make selections by Feb 20.

Salt Lake Legal Defender Association

275 East 200 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Audience – This event is open to innovators and leaders of all types.   We are looking for a wide variety of experiences in public defense through our application process.  If this event sounds like something you’d like to be a part of – you are someone we are looking for.  Please apply to join us. 

The National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) cordially invites innovators and leaders in public defense to our strategic leadership Forum. This event will provide a platform to discuss and address the most pressing challenges facing the field of public defense today, such as workloads, retention, independence, and other key issues defined in the ABA’s newly revised 10 principles.

We’re reinventing the conventional institute format to create an interactive, collaborative experience. While we’ll still host a few critical plenaries, we’re excited to introduce two fresh formats.

  • Spark Presentations: Engage with thought leaders as they share their insights and innovative ideas in 5-10 minute, impactful talks. This is your chance to hear directly from those in the trenches about strategies and solutions they have found effective.
  • Open Space Sessions: A participatory and organic approach where attendees are invited to brainstorm and create actionable plans for the issues they are most passionate about. These sessions will foster dynamic discussions and collaboration, promoting a creative exchange of ideas that will inform and inspire.

Strategic Action Planning and Expert Consultations:

To ensure that the insights gained don’t merely remain theoretical, the forum will also include guidance from experts to assist in crafting executable plans. Attendees will not only gain knowledge but will leave with well-defined, actionable strategies, bridging the divide between conceptual understanding and real-world applicability. This holistic approach guarantees that our Forum isn’t just another conference—it’s a launchpad for effective and meaningful initiatives in public defense.

Registration and Cost
In an effort to democratize participation, we kindly ask all attendees to cover their own registration and travel costs. This approach enables us to focus our resources on providing a high-quality event and generating maximum value for all participants.

Nevertheless, we remain committed to inclusivity and ensuring that all who wish to participate have the opportunity. For this reason, we are pleased to offer scholarships for individuals who wish to present a Spark presentation or who may not be able to afford to attend..

The NAPD Leadership Forum is more than an event – it is an opportunity for leaders in public defense to come together to confront our greatest challenges, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change. We look forward to your participation and to shaping the future of public defense together.