The benefits of We the Defenders (WTD) are too many to list, here is how to outline them to your boss.  Most managers will be concerned about the return on investment—every dollar has to be justified and so does the time away from the office. We can help you make the case. Customize this letter to help your manager understand why WTD is valuable to you and your organization. 

Be sure to outline the sessions that would be most beneficial to your organization. Summarize the total costs including registration, travel and hotel, and any additional expenses.

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Testimonials from the 2023 We the Defenders Conference

“My first NAPD conference and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I returned to work inspired and rejuvenated – I didn’t even realize I needed rejuvenating. It was wonderful to be in a sea of professionals who do the same work I do. I felt seen and heard, especially when discussing some of the challenges we face as mitigation specialists. It was a wonderful conference, and I am happy I went.”

“I really enjoyed it over all, this was my first NAPD conference and I truly was not disappointed.” 

“I enjoyed the opportunity to engage with other non-attorneys and get training that was directly applicable to my role.”

“The conference opened my eyes to so many parts of our jobs and reassured me that what we do matters every single day. How we show up and how we feel matters. I left the conference feeling re-energized and hopeful about my own role in defense work, but also aware of where my talents could be best used. I left thinking about my future in defense work and hopeful about continuing my own training and work. I am still trying to figure out how to translate that energy to the workplace, but am looking forward to more and more of these events. Thank you so much for hosting and organizing this amazing experience!”

“The break-out sessions are the most beneficial parts of the conference. They are more personal and collaborative.”

“The breakout sessions were great! I like that there were multiple classes to pick from.” 

“I was very pleased with the overall engagement and wealth of information we had access to. The discussions were productive and empowering.”