The benefits of the NAPD Racial Justice Conference are too many to list, here is how to outline them to your boss.  Most managers will be concerned about the return on investment—every dollar has to be justified and so does the time away from the office. We can help you make the case. Customize this letter to help your manager understand why this conference is valuable to you and your organization. 

Be sure to outline the sessions that would be most beneficial to your organization. Summarize the total costs including registration, travel and hotel, and any additional expenses.

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Testimonials from past NAPD Racial Justice Conferences

“Amazing experience.  I will be processing the experience for a long time, but I have already taken several tangible steps to change the local culture and challenge the local status quo. I can report that I have been able to have thoughtful and engaging conversations about how reckoning is something in which we all need to participate.  This conference, I believe, was pivotal for me personally and professionally.”

“I thought the conference was so well thought out and facilitated. The presenters were excellent (both in person and virtual). The small groups were so great! Having the opportunity to process with people (for my group) was really impactful. The museum tours, powerful and brought everything presented in sessions to life. The history was no longer stories in a history book but rather memories from another era. With more detail and substance.”

“Please come to this conference if you work in criminal defense. This is just so so important to the work we do, from supporting our colleagues, to representing our clients, to changing the law and policies that are so squarely rooted in anti-Black racism.”

This was my first time at the Racial Justice Conference. I was excited to go but had no idea it would be life changing. So much of the past has been kept from us and not taught. I was learning left and right. My heart was breaking but I was moved to return to my office and seek out opportunities to make changes. I’m thankful for my time in Montgomery