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Assessment of the Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Public Defender Division

“In 2019, TIDC and the Director of TRLA PD asked the National Association for Public Defense’sSystems Builders Committee to assess the progress of this relatively new effort by TRLA. Twoconsultants from that committee completed that assessment over 2020, identifying strengthsand […]

Position Paper on Qualifications of those Selecting Public Defense Leadership

“The responsibility of selecting quality leadership in a jurisdiction that does not elect its public defender should fall on a board or commission in order to guarantee the independence of the public defense function. NAPD believes that those responsible for […]

Report on the Texas Regional Public Defender Office for Capital Cases

“This report is the result of a request by the Texas Indigent Defense Commission (TIDC) as well as theRegional Public Defender Office for Capital Cases (RPDO).” Recommendations:

Louisiana’s 16th Judicial District Public Defender Office Technical Assistance Report

Report on technical assistance provided by NAPD and authorized by American University, School of Public Affairs, Justice Programs Office through BJA Right to Counsel Technical Assistance Grant No. 2016-10-1.