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Letter to the La Paz County, Arizona, Board of Supervisors

Letter relating to a decision to close the public defender office The right to be represented by counsel is guaranteed by the United States and Arizona Constitutions because it is fundamental to ensuring criminal trials are fair. Ensuring a person’s […]

Letter to the Aurora, Colorado, City Council

Letter relating to a proposal to close the public defender office The Council is now considering if Aurora can outsource public defense to contractors to receive the same quality of services for a considerably lower cost. It cannot. This approach […]

Letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Oregon

Letter relating to the removal of indigent defense commission members “The success of Oregon public defense will rise and fall with independence of the defense function. We encourage you to do all in your power to help ensure that independence, […]

Statement on Police Violence against BIPOC People

“If we are serious about addressing police violence, then the only answer is to radically reduce contactbetween the police and BIPOC people, create new systems for addressing socialissues, and invest in impacted communities.”

Letter to Harris County, TX, County Attorney

Letter relating to the proposed termination of a chief public defender. “NAPD is vitally committed to ensuring that governmental authorities do not encroach on or compromise the independence of the public defense function. It is because of this commitment that […]