Join me today as I sit down with Stephen Hanlon, an expert in the way data can be used to benefit public defense. 
After decades of work in public interest law, Lawyer Hanlon had his eyes opened to the way in which public defenders were left by the wayside around the country. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bob Spangenberg and others who used data methods to quantify just how much public defense was struggling, Stephen helped to publish the Missouri workload study with the ABA. While not the first workload study ever done, the Missouri study set a clear path for other states to follow by measuring not only what public defenders were doing,  but also what they should be doing to reach adequate levels of representation. With the help of this data, Stephen has been able to push reform throughout the country, but his work is not finished. If you want to hear more about how Stpehen's work is going to be used to continue to push public defense reform nationwide, check out this episode of Public Defenseless w/Hunter Parnell on Spotify and Apple, and if you haven't check out a few of the reports mentioned in the show to see the evidence that Public Defenders from New Mexico and Oregon to Rhode Island and Missouri are woefully underfunded!


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