Right now, a three-attorney public defender office in North Dakota has zero attorneys on staff. And with public defender turnover rates on the rise, the state makes it difficult to provide legal representation for all.

In this episode, Hunter speaks with Travis Finck, the Executive Director of The Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents (CLCI). He brings with him an infectious optimism and deep knowledge of North Dakota public defense.

The first half of the episode will teach you all about the formation of the public defense system in North Dakota and how it transformed into what it is today. 

Then, he’ll dive into the unique challenges within the public defense and criminal system of the state. Travis will share how he is responding to high turnover rates and low funding while trying to improve public defense in North Dakota for the better. 

With only 20-30|PERCENT| of individuals charged with misdemeanors in the state getting public defenders, it’s obvious that many people are going without needed legal representation. Travis dreams of a day when North Dakota can boast a great public defender system.