When we think of zealous Public Defense, we often think of triumphant victories in the court room, but today’s guest wants Public Defenders to realize their greatest victories must come outside of the court room. Joining Hunter today once again is Sam Allison-Natale. He is the Executive Director of the Kansas Holistic Defenders, the only holistic public defender office in the state of Kansas dedicated to representing only misdemeanor clients.

Unlike most states, the Kansas Public Defender system provides representation only to those accused of felony crimes. So, when Sam moved with his family from New York to Lawrence Kansas, there was a limited opportunity to continue serving his community as a Public Defender. Undeterred, Sam seized on the already existing local groundswell of people calling for drastic changes to the local criminal legal system. In understanding the power of organizing and collective action, Sam assisted in getting the office up and running. On today’s episode, you’ll find out how the team at Kansas Holistic Defenders accomplished this and continue to work with the community to challenge the carceral system!