As with many states, Alabama has elected to fund itself in part of the backs of the poor people who are processed through its legal system. From requiring people to pay to apply for public defenders to a boat load of other fines and fees, nearly every interaction with the legal system in Alabama comes with steep financial obligations. 
This week on the Public Defenseless Podcast, Hunter spoke with Adam Danneman and Leah Nelson to explore Alabama criminal legal system to unpack the impacts these fines and fees have on people across the state. As the Chief Public Defender in Jefferson County Alabama, Adam offers a unique insight into the day to day struggles his clients face in the Alabama legal system. His insight is bolstered by the expertise on the mechanics and history of Alabama fines and fees that Leah offers up from her incredible work as the Research Director at Alabama Appleseed. 
From this episode, you will take away a deeper understanding and appreciation for the economic burdens driving many to commit more crimes simply to rid themselves of the terrible economic trap they find themselves in!