Thanks again for your continued support. We just recorded a new episode with Adnan Khan, a formerly incarcerated man who is now the Executive Director of Restore Justice. Here’s the write up and links if you can share: 
Avi and Sajid discuss COVID-19 with Adnan Khan (@akhan1437).  Adnan is the co-founder and executive director of Re:Store Justice (@restore_cal).  Adnan was incarcerated at 18 for a felony murder conviction.  He advocated for reform and was released after California largely abolished felony murder liability.  They discuss COVID-19 from the perspective of people held in jails and prisons.  Adnan describes the tension people face when seeking medical care means placement in solitary.  He talks about how quarantines play out in terms of community access and proposes some solutions to promote good public health practices without resorting to isolation.  They discuss COVID-19 in connection with mass incarceration and prison conditions.  Adnan was featured on @earhustle.  Check out the episode:
@LeeRosevere composed the intro and outro.  @omniboi remixed Ms. Jackson and This is America (music @ the breaks).
Note:  The audio is a little weird on this one.  My bad.  We recorded from separate locations due to COVID-19 shelter in place and needed to experiment with a new set up.  I decided to sit in the creakiest chair.  I decided to put the pod out asap without doing much to fix the levels.  For those who have to increase and then quickly decrease the volume, I see you…I am you.  Believe me.