Strong public defense systems make public defense better for clients and their families, public defense professionals and their families, and communities as a whole. The Systems Builders Committee was created to help build strong public defender delivery systems throughout the United States.
Did you know? Your membership fee covers the following:

  • Systems Builders helps all leaders, whether head of an office or program or leading a team of people within the office. If you mange or lead anyone, any position or anything in public defense and have something you need help with, contact Systems Builders. We will help assist you and your office needs.  If you lead any size office or program and have an issue, we can help. 
  • SBC announces Bring your Own Issue to the SBC program.  We will brainstorm it with you and see if we can help.  We meet monthly via telephone conference and are happy to help anyone on a wide range of topics.  If it involves a public defense delivery system, we will brainstorm it with you. All you need to do is reach out by email.

    Additionally, we provide the following:

  • One on One Mentoring with an experienced public defender leader.
  • Virtual Cup of Coffee with a Colleague, share those thoughts, strategize or simply vent. We are there for you.
  • Technical assistance with retired leaders, who, when time and funds allow, can work with you in your jurisdiction. Based on office and resource needs, we will work with all offices to brainstorm ideas and help implement change.  
  • Position papers on the selection of Chief Defender Selection Panels and Chief Defender Selection. 
  • Where funding allows, written reports on existing systems and recommendations for improvement.

If you have any questions or seek assistance, please email Bill Ward at or Ernie Lewis at