We value this month of June as a dedicated time to commemorate and honor our LGBTQ|PLUS| community. And what we know for sure is that every day of every month is a time to amplify LGBTQ|PLUS| lived experiences.

We believe everyone deserves a life of dignity and inclusion, with equal access to justice. 
And equal access to joy.

Society has come a long way since the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the catalyst for the early Gay Rights Movement. Yet, we continue to fight where bias and injustice threaten and remain. Those who are incarcerated face additional risk for violence/discrimination that prevent so many from being able to live in their truth.

And while there are legal and societal battles that have yet to be fought, Stonewall’s victorious legacy is clear.

LBGTQ|PLUS| rights are civil rights and human rights. 

Our NAPD community is one representative of all identities bound together by a common commitment to justice . . . and to transformation.

Pride Month is our opportunity to celebrate uprising, community, perseverance, authenticity, and love.