NAPD honors Indigenous Peoples Day, recognizing the challenges and trauma that Indigenous communities have faced for centuries, and the fortitude, strength, and brilliance they contribute to this world. As Public Defenders, we invite you to join a growing movement of people who take the second Monday of October to acknowledge historical and ongoing wrongs, learn about the Indigenous Peoples in your community, and celebrate beautiful cultures and traditions through dance, performances, food, music, film, and honor Indigenous Peoples by taking action!

Below are 5 Ways to Celebrate Indigenous People's Day. . . and few ways to continue to practice support 365 days a year.

1.     Attend an In-Person or Virtual Celebration/Educational Opportunity.

2.     Educate Yourself and Your Family.

3.     Take Action to Rename Columbus Day.

4.     Get Involved in the Anti-Mascot Movement.

5.     Support Indigenous People's Rights Organizations.