Men and women across the country are banding together, forming the first organization exclusively devoted to promoting effective public defense. Want to make a difference?

This is your chance.

We now have over 8500 members. The opportunities to contribute to this movement are growing every day and it becomes hard to keep up with all the opportunities  that are out there.   Yet, there is incredible strength in that number if we all take small steps to make a difference. 

To make it easy for you to make a difference  – below is a list of steps you can take today.  Some will take five seconds – some could take longer – it’s all up to you. 

Take a step forward to make a difference today.

·         Like NAPD on Facebook or follow on Twitter
·         Subscribe to the NAPD podcast on iTunes or Stitcher app
·         Leave a 5 Star review to move the podcast up in iTunes ranking system 
·         Download mobile page or app – on Android coming soon to Apple Store
·         Like, comment, share or retweet social media
·         Fill out the NAPD survey
·         Read blog regularly or monthly newsletter
·         Participate in a Webinar
·         Watch mygideon video tour
·         Use mygideon library
·         Use mygideon video archive
·         Watch Forum video tour
·         Join a Forum
·         Ask question in Forum
·         Answer question in Forum
·         Join creators listserv (coming soon)
·         Moderate Forum topic  (email to volunteer)
·         Rate or comment on mygideon page
·         Contribute to (email to volunteer)
·         Lead topic (email to volunteer)
·         Submit Blog post (email to volunteer)
·         Submit Webinar proposal (email to volunteer)
·         Call in a Podcast story (call 502 209-9213 to leave a message with your story)
·         Create a Video promoting NAPD
·         Create a Video to animate an existing podcast
·         Apply to become a Committee member (email to volunteer)
·         Become a Committee contributor
·         Lead a project
·         Lead committee

If you are not currently a member, now is the perfect time to join NAPD or convince your boss to sign up your organization.