In last week’s show, Hunter spoke with Babatunde Aremu and demonstrated the ways in which a Public Defender Office could be unionized without causing strife between leadership and line public defenders. Unfortunately today’s episode demonstrates the worst possible scenario for a unionization effort. Hunter sat down with Cat Vining and Morgan King, line public defenders in the Louisville Metro Public Defender Office, to discuss why they unionized and the incredible efforts that leadership took to make sure the union would be crushed. Unlike the rest of the state, Louisville Public Defense historically existed outside of the control of the Depart of Public Advocacy, but when the office decided to unionize, the powers that be stepped in to make a change. Despite the Governor vetoing the bill that would bring the office into the state system (while also calling out the legislation as retribution), the Louisville Metro Public Defender Office now sits on the precipice of a quick, ill planned ascension into the state system. So what comes next for those who rely on the services of the Louisville Metro Public Defender?