So here's my pitch:  renew your membership to NAPD!  Why?  Because we survived our first year, and because we're growing into the community we envisioned that we'd be.

A year ago, we met in Dayton, all forty of us.  We established an audacious goal: to have 1000 members during our first year.  Then we went to work, creating a Steering Committee, establishing other committees, holding webinars, establishing a dynamite website, starting a public defender library, and putting on a leadership and workload conference among other things.  We kept our dues low because, well, because public defenders don't have a lot of money.  And today, in October of 2014, one year later, we're still alive.  But more than that, we're growing.

We long since left our goal of 1000 in the rear view mirror.  We are now at 8500, and going strong.  Our new goal is 10,000 members by the end of 2015.  Let's hit that goal and even double it.  Think of what we can accomplish together if we have 10,000, or 20,000 public defense professionals all standing together for the clients that we represent.  

But here's the thing.  We cannot accomplish anything unless you renew your individual membership when the time comes, and unless your organization renews.  Because we are on a calendar year basis, the time for renewals is now. Let your boss know that you want her to renew the membership, that you like the free webinars, the public defender library, and the fight that is in this new organization.  

Better yet, reach out to your fellow defense professionals.  Get them to join.  

Help us become the unwavering voice for public defense.