Greetings justice-loving friends and colleagues! We are just about 8 weeks away from the 55th anniversary of the decision in Gideon v. Wainwright and NAPD is again planning to celebrate the right to counsel, cheer on our public defense programs, and evangelize the values we hold towards our clients to a greater audience.
This year, the actual Gideon anniversary (March 18) falls on a Sunday. There is huge media potential for this happy coincidence and our communicators workgroup will be providing resources in the coming weeks, though I encourage you to start reaching out to any media contacts that you already have, with the “ask” of getting some positive coverage for the right to counsel on that day – either something the editorial board writes or you (or an ally, or a client, or a colleague) submit as a guest columnist.
We will be extending the party into the week following (March 19-23rd) and more details are soon to come. If you have ideas to share or want to be part of a brief but intensive planning campaign, please be in touch and shoot me an email either directly or through the contact form on the NAPD website.
NAPD is here to offer some ideas and lend support to local initiatives if needed. We’d love to highlight your good work day in-day out, and whatever you’re working to highlight on the Gideon anniversary.
Thanks for giving life to the right to counsel. The NAPD community is amazing, innovative, and always fighting the good fight. I’m proud to be working again on this celebration of our collective good work.