Today on the Public Defenseless Podcast, Hunter spoke with former Public Advocate of Kentucky and Executive Director of the NAPD, Ernie Lewis. I always really enjoy picking the brain of someone who has been in Public Defense for so long. Ernie's fingerprints are all over the development of Kentucky's well structured (albeit under funded) public defense system, and hearing how it got to that point is vital for those thinking about funding their system. I also appreciated the candour with which he spoke about the things he was not able to accomplish. It is just as essential that we are able to reflect on our successes and failures if we want to move forward productively!! 
Lastly, hearing about the foundation of the NAPD, the thought behind it, really helps me to understand where this organization has been and is going. It pairs especially well with the episode that will be dropping this Friday with Jeff Sherr and Heather Hall as well as my future episode with current Executive Director Lori-James Townes.
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