A major theme of this show is empower regular people with the knowledge necessary to push back against the overreach of the state via police and prosecutors. That's why Hunter was so excited to bring you today's episode with a representative from the organization called Citizens Overseeing Police Oklahoma. The guest today is your everyday Oklahoman who is tired of the rampant corruption and abuse that police and prosecutors of the state get away with on a daily basis. While we could only scratch the surface of the issues facing the state, even the limited dialog should be eye opening for anyone interested in creating a fairer and safer Oklahoma.

|STAR||STAR||STAR||STAR|A NOTE ABOUT TODAY'S SHOW|STAR||STAR||STAR||STAR| Our guest today is remaining anonymous due to legitimate concerns to their safety. Already, law enforcement has engaged in activity that is nothing short of reprisal and harassment for the guest's continued efforts to push back against their abuse of power. As such, the voice you will hear on today's show is AI generated to protect the identity of the guest.