NAPD is featuring a series of webinars from our retired leaders, many of whom were present at the beginning as Gideon was being interpreted and implemented in the states.  We have a lot to learn from these leaders.  What did George Santayana say about not remembering history and being condemned to repeat it?
Bob Boruchowitz, the retired chief defender at the Defender Association of Seattle, now serving as a law professor and consultant, presented on June 25th, interviewed by friend and colleague Lisa Dugard, who now serves as Executive Director of the Public Defender Association.  Their comments can be found here:  Eventually, their webinar and all of the Closing Argument series will be available under the "How to Run a PD Office" section of MyGideon
Fred Friedman’s webinar was presented on May 17th.  It can be found here:
Next up is retired Colorado Public Defender Doug Wilson.  Doug’s webinar has the intriguing title of “The Musings of a Retired PD:  The Hulk v. Bruce Banner.  His webinar will occur on August 29th at 12:00 p.m. ET.  You can sign up for Doug’s webinar here:|EQUALS|8/29/2019&eventid|EQUALS|148–Doug
Ernie Lewis
NAPD Executive  Director