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National Association for Public Defense

Chicago Agenda

February 7, 2014

DePaul Law School

Purpose of the Meeting: The meeting is a listening and planning meeting.  It is the next step beyond the Dayton meeting, looking at what we’ve accomplished since September, and visioning where we need to go from here.  The Steering Committee will listen to members of the organization and committee members talk about what has been done and their vision for the organization.  The focus will be on education, the website, social media, and caseloads.  Committee chairs too will be listening for guidance on their committees.

·         9:00-9:15  Judge Abishi Cunningham welcomes us to Chicago

·         9:15-9:30  Tim Young gives preliminary remarks

·         9:30-10:00 Tim Young leads introduction by everyone present
Series of Issue discussions led by leaders

·         10:00-10:30-Education, including webinars, led by Ed Monahan

·         10:45-11:00-Break

·         11:00-11:30-Website led by Mark Stephens and Issac Merkle

·         11:30-12:00–Social Media, MyGideon, and Blogs led by Jeff Sherr

·         12:00-1:00–lunch

·         1:00-1:30  Andrea Lyon addresses us on the importance of indigent defense

·         1:45-2:15–Membership and governance issues led by Tim Young

·         2:15-2:45—Excessive Caseloads led by Steve Hanlon and John Stuart

·         2:45-3:00—Break

·         3:00-5:00–Open Forum discussing the future of NAPD led by Paul DeWolfe
Closing—Tim Young