NAPD is governed by a Steering Committee of 21 people.  This committee includes people who have exhibited an interest in NAPD from our first days at Dayton Law School in September of 2013, as well as all the chairs of our committees.  They are some of the top PD leaders in the country, and NAPD would not have made the progress it has made during its first two years of existence without them. 

On December, 17th, the annual business meeting was held at which officers were elected and new members were added to the Steering Committee.  The following decisions were made:

·       Mark Stephens was elected Chair for the next 2 years.  Mark is the long-time elected Knox County Public Defender and one of the founders of NAPD.  He replaces Tim Young, Ohio Public Defender, who has served as Chair since the birth of NAPD.  Thank you, Tim Young, for your outstanding leadership. 

·       Paul DeWolfe was elected the Vice-Chair.  Paul is the Maryland State Public Defender.

·       Alex Bassos was elected Secretary Treasurer.  Alex is the Training Director for the Metropolitan Public Defender in Portland, Oregon.

·       Keir Bradford-Grey was elected to the Steering Committee.  Keir is the new Chief Public Defender of the Defender Association of Philadelphia.

·       Amy Campanelli was elected to the Steering Committee.  Amy is the new Cook County Public Defender.

·       Dawn Deaner was elected to the Steering Committee.  Dawn is the elected Metropolitan Public Defender for Nashville-Davidson County.

·       Mark, Paul, Alex, Ed Monahan, and Dawn Deaner were elected to serve as the Executive Committee, which makes decisions between Steering Committee meetings.

·       Bill Ward was elected to be the Chair of the Systems Builders Committee and Steering Committee member.  Bill is the Chief Public Defender of Minnesota.

·       Janene McCabe was elected to be the Chair of the Fines and Fees Committee and Steering Committee member.  Janene is the Director of Technical Litigation at the Colorado State Public Defenders Office.

You can see pictures and bios of the Steering Committee here.

Thanks to these wonderful leaders for their willingness to continue to guide NAPD during 2016.