For somewhere between a third and a half of indigent people accused of a crime, they will be given either an assigned or contract Public Defender. Today’s guest, Professor Eve Primus, argues that we must move away from that contract model of Public Defense. After years of research and writing, Eve is positive of one thing: to ensure everyone accused of a crime who cannot afford an attorney is provided competent representation, we must make full time Public Defense Offices the standard delivery method for public defense.
From the lack of available resources to the lack of political voice, Eve posits that assigned counsel systems are no longer a viable option for the indigent clients they represent. To hear how she arrived at this point, why she is hopeful change can manifest, and the role she feels law schools must play in making our legal system better, tune in to this awesome conversation!|EQUALS|1000600838578|EQUALS|rR0C1138Sz-Ojwm1mMu69w