Two public defenders are podcasting about law and culture in Aider & Abettor.  

In Episode 6, Sajid Khan and Avi Singh talk about recent criminal justice reforms in New York. In the Opening Statement, they discuss the campaign to #raisetheage and the problems of prosecuting 16 and 17 year olds like adults.

In the Deep Dive, they discuss a recent proposal to close Rikers Island. They explore many of the ways that Rikers violates basic notions of due process and fairness. You can find the proposal at

In the Things segment, Sajid recommends a the Ex-Conversations Podcast and makes the MVP case for Steph Curry.  Avi criticizes a Department of Justice memo that attempts to get the Department of Justice out of the business of responding to systemic civil rights violations. The show is available on all platforms (iTunes, stitcher, Google play, Pocket casts, podcast addict, etc.).

Here's the SoundCloud link: