The twentieth episode of Aider & Abettor is now up on #itunes and #soundcloud. Sajid talks with Alameda public defender Rachel Marshall. Rachel handles felony trials in Oakland, California. She has written articles about the sentence of Brock Turner and recall of Judge Aaron Persky for Vox.

Sajid and Rachel talk about being Public public defenders—that is, public defenders willing to step out of the courtroom and into public debates about criminal justice. They talk about how they wound up being Public public defenders and share some of their thoughts about the process of taking their case to the court of public opinion.

The episode was recorded after the recall of Judge Aaron Persky. Sajid and Rachel talk about some of the ways that the recall might effect how judges exercise their power and discuss potential defense responses.|EQUALS|2#episodeGuid|EQUALS|tag|PERCENT|3Asoundcloud|PERCENT|2C2010|PERCENT|3Atracks|PERCENT|2F475464834