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Public Defender – poem

Forever a strand in this band of underdog fightersLeave a piece of my heart with these service providersChange ignitersWe defend those in need with our expertiseQuestion authorityKeep secrets like a priestWe keep the faithAnswer prayers for care from desperate staresApply […]

As States Criminalize LGBTQ+ People, How can Lawyers Fight Back? w/Richard Saenz

In just this past year, there have been over 400 anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed in state houses around the country. Many have no hope of passing, but some will end up creating new was to criminalize and ostracize already vulnerable members […]

NAPD Sends Letters to Aurora, CO, and La Paz County, AZ, on Public Defender Office Closures

Last week, we learned about efforts in Aurora, Colorado, and La Paz County, Arizona, to close respected public defender offices in order to cut costs. We wrote letters to support these offices and urge local stakeholders not to shortchange the […]

What Went Right, What Went Wrong, and What is Next for Idaho Public Defense w/Kimberly Simmons and Paul Riggins

Today, Hunter sat down with Kimberly Simmons, the former Executive Director of the Idaho Public Defense Commission, and Paul Riggins, a private criminal defense attorney in Idaho, to discuss the past decade+ of public defense in Idaho. Like so many […]

175: How Iowa Makes People Pay for Their Public Defenders w/Darren Page

Today, Hunter spoke with Iowa Public Defender, Darren Page, to peel back the layers of Public Defense in Iowa to try and understand why the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court said the system was in a state of […]