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Why is this Vitally Important Forensic Science so Rarely Used by Defense Attorneys and the Legal System? w/Dr. Shameka Stewart

Today, Hunter sat down with Dr. Shameka Stewart, a juvenile forensic speech language pathologist. While speech language pathologists have long been around, Dr. Stewart is the first person to take the field and apply it to juvenile forensics. The promise […]

Where is the Ethical Limit for Zealous Criminal Defense Advocacy? w/Martín Sabelli

Today, Hunter is once again joined by former NACDL President, Martin Sabelli. This time, Hunter and Martin are discussing a memo he put out while President about the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial. In that trial, Martin felt that the defense […]

Why Isn’t a Cop Who was Indicted for Shooting an Unarmed Suspect Being Prosecuted? w/Andrew Darling

Last summer, Hunter spoke with Central Florida criminal defense attorney Andrew Darling to discuss Governor DeSantis removing State Attorney Monique Worrell from office. At the time, Andrew and Hunter expressed their concerns that the primary reason for the removal was […]

Why Are People Being Found Not Guilty but Still Going to Prison? w/Andrea Jaeger

Imagine for a moment, you have been accused of several crimes. At trial, you are found not guilty on all the charges except for one. Let’s say that this is least serious of all your charges. While you wish you […]

224: How the DVSJA Gave Two Survivors of Domestic Violence a Second Chance w/Assia Serrano and Trinity Copeland

Today, Hunter concludes the three-part series on criminalized domestic violence survivors by speaking with two women who survived, endured years of incarceration, and utilized the DVSJA to get a second chance at life. Trinity Copeland was sentenced to 25 years […]

223: The New York Law Giving a Second Chance to Criminalized Domestic Violence Survivors w/Elizabeth Isaacs

Today, Hunter continues the three-part series on criminalized domestic violence survivors by speaking with Elizabeth Isaacs, an appellate attorney with New York’s Office of Indigent Legal Services. Specifically, the two discuss the Domestic Violence Survivor’s Justice Act, a New York […]

The Case for Decriminalizing Domestic Violence w/Leigh Goodmark

Today, Hunter starts on part one of a three-part series on criminalized survivors of domestic violence. Kicking off this miniseries is Professor Leigh Goodmark. A former Public Defender herself, Leigh brings multiple decades of experience working with and writing about […]