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The NDS Harlem Union’s Fight for a Fair Contract Amidst New York’s Housing Crisis w/William Botchway, Naomi Schachter, Jeremy Tinsley

Another union episode and another union episode predicated on a communication failure, a cost-of-living crisis and a desperate need for a fair contract. Today, Hunter spoke with three members of the NDS Harlem union, William Botchway, Naomi Schachter and Jeremy […]

168: Alaska’s Brief Moment of Criminal Justice Reform and their Turn to Tough on Crime Policies w/ Mike Garvey and Megan Edge

Today, Hunter spoke with Michael Garvey and Megan Edge of the ACLU of Alaska to examine the policy history of Alaska that has made it such a pro carceral state. For a brief moment in the mid 2010’s, Alaska looked […]

A New Database Providing Public Defenders the Latest Social Science Data for Court with Eve Primus

Part of the goals of this show is to remind Public Defenders that they are not alone in their fight. There is a massive network across the nation of people from all walks of life fighting both in and out […]

Rebuilding the New York Legal Aid Society’s Union Strength with Jane Fox

There may be no Public Defender Union with as long and storied of a history as the New York Legal Aid Society’s, and today, Hunter spoke with Chapter Chair of the NY Legal Aid Union, Jane Fox, to discuss the […]

How the Deck is Heavily Stacked Against Federal Public Defenders with Colin Prince and Jay McEntire

From the limited discovery, limited access to witnesses, and the limited resources, Federal Public Defenders around the country are fighting for their clients at a massive disadvantage. Today, Hunter spoke with two Federal Public Defenders, Colin Prince and Jay McEntire, […]

Will a New Data Driven Approach Be the Key to the Future for Montana Public Defense with Brett Schandelson

Montana Public Defense has seen a lot in the 21st century. A lawsuit in the early aughts lead to massive changes and the creation of the state public defender system. Now almost 20 years later, the Montana Public Defense system […]

Why Would You Even Ask That? The Absurdity of America’s Youth Justice System with Iliana Pujols

What can we learn from the successes of other countries? Today, Hunter spoke with Iliana Pujols to compare and contrast the youth criminal legal system where she works in Connecticut and Norway. In particular, we discuss just how far removed […]

Counterman v. Colorado: “True threats” prosecutions require mens rea of “recklessness” to not violate First Amendment

Counterman v. Colorado:  “True threats” prosecutions require mens rea of “recklessness” to not violate First Amendment   By Greg Mermelstein, Deputy Director & General Counsel, Missouri Public Defender              Prosecution for making a “true threat” requires the State to […]

163: Imagining Something Better than Washington’s Patchwork Public Defender System with Larry Jefferson

As one of the many states without a unified system of Public Defense, the consistency of Public Defense and access to legal services from county to county is wildly inconsistent. Joining Hunter to speak about this justice by geography model […]

How the Georgia AG is using RICO to Punish Free Speech and Cop City Protesters with Devin Franklin

Today, Hunter is once again joined by Devin Franklin from the Southern Center for Human Rights to discuss the latest violation of civil liberties in the state of Georgia. Today, they are discussing the recent indictment levied against 61 cop […]