Chief Defender, Defender Association of Philadelphia

The Defender Association of Philadelphia is a criminal, indigent defense law firm committed to the belief that everyone, regardless of income deserves the highest quality legal counsel. Since 2015, Keir Bradford-Grey has served as the Chief Defender. Under her leadership, the Defender has expanded its mission beyond producing highly-skilled criminal trial lawyers to also developing highly-skilled advocates; multi-dimensional advocacy that doesn’t solely occur at trial, but also at the pre-trial and post-trial stages. Through Ms. Bradford-Grey’s vision, the Defender engages in the communities that it serves and raises awareness regarding matters of social justice and developing strategies to create systemic change. Ms. Bradford-Grey holds a law degree from Ohio Northern University and began her career as a trial lawyer at the Defender Association in 1999 before becoming a Delaware Federal Public Defender in 2007. In 2012, she became Chief Defender for the Montgomery County Public Defender’s Office.