Senior Felony Attorney King County Dept. of Public Defense Associated Counsel for the Accused, Seattle, WA

Gary Davis has been a senior attorney since 1989 at the Associated Counsel for the Accused-Seattle office. He concentrates his practice on complex felony litigation, including criminal procedure and death penalty cases. He helps lead the Felony Division in criminal cases. He has been lead trial counsel in complex litigation cases, which includes clients charged with capital offenses. Gary has represented clients in death penalty matters since 2000 and has successfully negotiated the removal of the death penalty option on 6 capital cases. Gary currently assists in the supervision of ACAs felony division and has coordinated the education and training for both the misdemeanor and felony units. Gary is a currently a member of the Washington State Defenders Association (WDA), the Washington State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL), and a board member of the National Association for Public Defense death penalty committee (NAPD).