Chief Investigator, Law Office of the Public Defender (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Al Smith is a 26 year police veteran of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Broward County Florida. During his career he held assignments in Road Patrol, Mounted Unit, Tactical Impact Unit (robberies in progress), and the Organized Crime Division. He posed as a contract killer for over 18 years during his assignment to Organized Crime and was hired to kill 15 people. His undercover career was the subject of a book called Under Contract: A Cop Hired to Kill which was later made into a TV movie. In 1997 Al retired and was hired by the Public Defender’s Office. During his career as Chief Investigator he has written several articles related to his work on Exposing Brady. Last year Al was voted the Florida Public Defender’s Association Investigator of the Year related to his work on Brady information. This year (2014) our investigative staff was the subject of an article published in Mother Jones magazine that details much of the work we have been doing related to the Brady issue.