Social Worker Meetup: The Components of Competency

Black’s Law Dictionary defines competency as “Duly qualified; answering all requirements; adequate; suitable; sufficient; capable; legally fit.” But competency when related to our work as social workers, mitigation specialists, and sentencing advocates is not so cut and dry. Some jurisdictions […]

Investigator Meetup: Open Chat

Hey Investigators, We understand how things can get stressful, and we’re here to make it better. Our meetup? It’s more of an open conversation—no strict agenda. It’s Friday, a perfect day to let off steam! Bring your complaints, quirks, and […]

Social Work Meetup: A Discussion About Testifying

Do you testify in court cases as an expert or about mitigation at sentencing? Have you thought about what it might be like? This meetup will discuss the pros and cons, successes and pitfalls of testifying in court. Led by […]

Holistic Defense Advocate

We are currently accepting applications to fill one vacancy for the position of Holistic Defense Advocate (Social Service Worker, Senior job classification) in Santa Barbara for the Public Defender’s Office. We are also establishing one employment list for future vacancies in the Public Defender’s Office. Please select the […]

Greater Colorado Social Work Fellowship Opportunity

Are you interested in living and working in a greater Colorado town? Are you interested in starting your own business to improve access to justice for people outside of the major metropolitan areas? If you are passionate about advocating for […]

Inclusivity Social Work Fellowship Opportunity

Do you identify as a member of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community? Are you interested in establishing a private practice focused on criminal defense social work after completing an employee-based fellowship? If you are passionate about […]

Social Work Meetup: Collateral (Character) Letters of Support

This meetup will focus our discussion on collateral letters of support and what we use to shape them, how we request them, and what guidance, information, encouragement, or support we use in working with family, friends, community members, and loved […]

Social Worker Supervisors Discussion on Training

This supervisor discussion is for supervisors or social workers, sentencing advocates, mitigation specialists, dispositional advocates, social work interns, and others in similar roles being supervised in defense-based work. The topic this month is on training. Facilitated by: Kevin Bishop, LCSW, […]

Social Worker Meet-Up: Social Work Meetup on Participatory Defense

Need help with this registration process?  Watch this video.   Have you heard of or used participatory defense? Check out this brief video overview by Raj Jayadev that explains the importance of participatory defense and how it can empower families and community […]

Social Work Meetup TUESDAY Edition on Beginnings and Endings

Beginnings and endings of client meetings are a critical part of the relationship building process and help provide supportive closure to the end of the relationship when a case concludes. This intentionality is critical in our work but we do […]